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Career Coaching for University Students


BH & Associates will help you distinguish yourself from the competition.

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BH & Associates have invested their time into students from around the world. Specifically, Beverlin has taught a variety of Business, Communication, Ethics, and Technology related subjects. From Systems Analysis and Design and Data Programming to Organizational Behavior and Corporate Social Responsibility & Business Ethics, Beverlin and other Associates' education and professional background has given them insight and wisdom into how to advise future business and political leaders.


Though Beverlin has decades of teaching experience in both corporate and university settings, one thing that everyone can attest to is that she enjoys guiding students to think deeply about how they think about what they think”. In addition, she thrives on helping students see that they can achieve personal and career goals beyond what they thought possible.


BH & Associates have counselled and guided thousands of students concerning career goals as well as whether or not they should continue their studies by pursuing an advanced degree.

BH & Associates provide:

  • One-on-One and group advising to students 

  • Support their exploration of experiential education opportunities that align with their academic and professional goals

  • Evaluate and identify the best college, major, classes, and internships that a student would need in order to prepare them for their future career.

  • Help with interviewing skills for internships, volunteer opportunities, and part-time jobs.

  • Write resumes that have targets data sets that will ensure that Engaging in strategic career planning involves investing time in enlarging one’s vision of potential career options.

One career resource list more than 20,000 different job titles! How many of those do you think you could name?

You can only select a job of which you are aware. Your choices are as limited-or as extensive -as your knowledge about the world of work. But what is most important, it is not about what ‘work’ you do, it is about enjoying the assignment that helps you achieve your personal and professional goals.


BH & Associates will help you:

  • Discover your skills and natural talents.

  • Determine which position and department you want to work in.

  • Determine which industries you would most like to work in.

  • Assess if you have the skills for specific positions, departments, and industries.

  • Do an assessment of the industry and the position to gauge your earning potential.

  • Prepare for job-tests that more companies are using to ensure they hire the right person.

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