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Cultural Business Services


The world of work has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. A few decades ago, people worked mainly with colleagues from their own country – only a few select individuals within an organization had cross-border contacts.


People at all levels and all functions work cross-border in various capacities.


This increased level of cross-border activity brings with its various challenges. Not only are many relationships now virtual, they are also cross-cultural. Increasingly people are being asked to work across the barriers of culture, geography, language and time zones but are not given any training which might help them understand the nature of these complexities.


BH & Associates have years of experience working both domestically and internationally with colleagues and clients from around the world.

We have also helped global companies work smarter in a global environment for decades. With in companies in the United States, we have been responsible for being the liaison between the IT staff and executive members due to the different cultural norms associated with each group.


Given our experience in 41+ countries, we know how to engage individuals from different economic, cultural, and religious backgrounds.


We can assist you in developing:

  • Successful Teams Working Across Cultures

  • International Communication Strategies

  • Effective Virtual Teams

  • International Relationships with Stakeholders

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