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Emotional Intelligence Training


Emotional Intelligence will allow you to engage other's emotions in a positive way.

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Knowing how to read (assess, decide, then engage) clients and colleagues, in addition to understanding what underlying thoughts and emotions are influencing their actions and decisions, have long been useful skills in business.


These and related competencies, such as:


  • staying calm under pressure

  • managing multiple social relationships

  • being aware of your emotions and knowing how to channel them productively


…all comprise the rapidly spreading concept of Emotional Intelligence (abbreviated as either EI or EQ).


These characteristics are recognized not only as important components of good business practices, but also a critical skill set in the modern workplace and your everyday relationships.

Business has discovered that the more people use and practice emotional intelligence (EI) skills, the more they will experience:  


Personal Success

  • Closer family ties

  • Meaningful, authentic relationships

  • A sense of community and collaboration

  • Personal and professional happiness, well-being, and resilience

Professional Success 

  • Leadership effectiveness

  • High performing teams

  • Invigorated, productive workplaces


BH & Associates will help you perform an Emotional Intelligence Assessment where you will be able to take a sometimes hard look at what you need to change in order to become the person you always wanted to be. Along with our help, you will then determine how you can use the new information and transform the way you engage everyone, from your co-workers to your family members. To help you change behavior and set goals to improve your leadership skills, we will administer different assessments tools that will be specifically tailored to you after you have met with her to discuss your goals.

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The assessments used, but are not limited to:

360-Degrees Feedback - You do not exist in a vacuum. Having everyone give feedback about you is a part of the process of growing into the person you want to be. 360-Degrees Feedback is an assessment in which family, friends, and employees can provide you with anonymous feedback that tells you how they see you.


Emotional Quotient - Your Emotional Quotient (EQ) is just as important as your Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Having the ability to recognize, understand and manage emotions in ourselves and how we interact with others is important in both our personal and business life. Emotional Quotient aka Emotional Intelligence is divided into the four clusters:


  1. Self-Awareness

  2. Self-Management

  3. Social Awareness

  4. Relationship Management (often been referred to very broadly as “people skills”).

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General Intelligence Assessment – You may find that you are in transition personally and professionally. But once you reach your new environment, how long will it take you to find your stride? A General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) is a cognitive ability assessment that provides an accurate prediction of the time it will take you to get to grips with a new role/regime.


Spiritual Gift Analysis - God has designed each person to relate to the world around them differently. Knowing how your personality impacts your relationship with God and others can help you both personally and professionally.

All of the assessments above will gauge your level of:

  • Self-Awareness – Your ability to accurately perceive your emotions and their effect on those around you.

  • Self-Regulation – Your ability to manage your emotions and direct your behavior optimally given the situation.

  • Motivation – Your ability to channel emotions towards clear goals and work towards them, maintaining focused attention and a positive attitude.

  • Empathy – Your ability to perceive, accurately identify, and understand the emotions of others.

  • Social Skills – Your ability to manage relationships with people around you to the betterment of all parties.

Let BH & Associates join you on your journey of discovering who you were created to be so you can

Soar Higher than you ever imagined.

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