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Group/Team Coaching

Group Meeting

In order to have a successful outcome developing a group or team requires everyone to know the ultimate objective and destination and how they should all get there As One!

Everyone needs to understand that a group and a team are not only two different terms but two different concepts.


A group is a collection of individuals who coordinate their individual efforts. Members of a group work on their own specializations, with each individual driving toward their own goal. Groups measure success by what an individual completes. Working groups share information and insights, but have their own independent goals and responsibilities. Collaborative or combined work does not 'often' occur within a group.


A team is a group of people who share a common team purpose and goals. Members of the team are mutually committed to the goals and to each other. This mutual commitment also creates joint accountability which creates a strong bond and a strong motivation to perform. Having one specific goal in mind means that a team cannot function on individual contributions. Team members need a collaborative environment to combine their specialized skills and achieve their end goal.

BH & Associates have managed large and small groups and teams. They have helped companies hire individuals and determine if people would work well within a group or on a team. Given their experience, they are well seasoned in training both groups and teams in order to make sure that everyone is moving in the right direction to achieve an organization’s overall objectives.


Beverlin has worked on all male teams with individuals who were three decades her senior, as well as on teams where she was the only person who did not speak the dominant language. Regardless of the situation, environment, or country, Beverlin has successfully executed tasks that were set before her in order to lead teams and groups to success. Why? She understands that in order to achieve anything, personally or for a business, others are needed.

BH & Associates will help you and your group or team:

  • Understand the importance and reason for the team/group to exist

  • Assess the different strengths of individuals on the team/ in the group so they can execute their assigned tasks

  • Help members see each other’s gifts and talents that benefit the team.

  • Show each member how they communicate and how it ‘might’ be received by others members on the same team.

  • Develop team and group building activities that will ensure everyone.

With Group/Team Coaching, BH & Associates will help your organization be more engaged where employees deliver greater productivity, better customer service, superior quality products and services, and more innovative solutions.

In the end, everyone on the team might not ‘like or love’ each other, but everyone on the team will honor each other and the skills that each person brings to the team.

Team Meeting
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