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Leadership Development Strategy

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Leadership Development ensures that your current staff become managers and your current managers become executive leaders.


Leadership Development Strategy allows your organization to ensure long-term and dedicated stakeholders not only contribute to the growth of the company but also grow with the company.


Successful organizations recognize the advantages of ongoing development for key individuals and the benefits of providing situational coaching during times of organizational need. Forward-thinking organizations use Leadership Development as a core component of their business strategy aimed at exceeding goals.

For Managers & Employees/ BH & Associates will:

  • Use a behavior model that focuses not on what effective leaders are like, but what they actually do in influencing their subordinates to achieve group and organizational goals. The two basic types are initiating structure and consideration.

  • Help your company’s internal stakeholders master the skills and behaviors needed to successfully navigate dynamic business realities. With newfound skills and strengthened competencies employees and managers can increase personal effectiveness and transform the entire organization.

  • Determine who are the future Thought Leaderships who will contribute impactful, best / next practice leadership and management development methods to develop associates from entry level to executive.

For Executives/ BH & Associates will:

  • Coordinate and execute the delivery of a continuing Leadership Development program that promote a culture of continuous learning and improves critical leadership skills.

  • Help to ensure that executives do not fail within 18 months after receiving a promotion.

  • Use a high-performance team model to help the executive team assess their own strengths and weaknesses as a unit and then support them to develop an approach to improve.

  • Map out key issues facing them, individually and as a team in order to determine how to leverage each member’s strengths.

  • Develop a Legacy-Driven Mindset. BH & Associates will help define and clarify what you leave behind for the organization and the people you lead.

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