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Organizational Redesign and Change Management


As the pace of industry-wide disruptions has accelerated over the past two decades, traditional company organizations have been forced to quickly adapt to meet both internal and external competitive challenges. There are several options that executive management may utilize to reinvigorate or transform the business – one of them being organizational redesign to help build an effective structure that supports the company’s core differentiation capabilities.


BH & Associates will join you as you create an effective organizational redesign which requires a holistic approach driven by the company’s vision and strategy.  We can explore means to define roles and responsibilities, processes and supporting technologies that will help enable your company to perform better.

We will make sure that we propose an organizational structure that needs to be enabled by employees with the right skill sets and managed through an effective performance-management framework that defines metrics, which drive accountability.

BH & Associates will assist with:


Process Analysis - As businesses evolve, signs of process weakness are common. Higher processing costs, more frequent quality issues, mistakes, delays, workarounds and frequent exception handling are all signs that a process is due for tune-up. A careful study of your business processes will help you close the gap between what processes are currently delivering and what they must consistently deliver.


Process Documentation - Processes are only as good as your ability to repeatedly execute them. Process Documentation – from Workflows to Standard Operating Procedures – is a key component of preparing your resources to deliver time and again. They provide clear ways to communicate expectations, support training and build a foundation for continuous monitoring and improvement.


Process Development - Almost all business change requires process development. New initiatives, technologies, and resources require work to be done in new ways. BH & Associates focus is on making sure the right work is being done by the right people in the most effective way possible, and that you are getting the most value from your resources.


Business Process Re-engineering - When existing processes are no longer the best approach to meeting your objectives, they must be re-engineered to keep pace with change and create opportunities for improved results. BH & Associates will help create a Business Process Re-engineering Method that will help your company focus the changes that need to be made while considering longer-term strategic goals.


Process Monitoring - Process Monitoring helps to ensure that today’s results contribute to ongoing success. Process Monitoring builds proactive tools into processes to allow for continual checks of progress and the quality of results. BH & Associates understand the need to get the most out of your processes and can help you build systematic reviews into your core business processes.

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