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Think A Thing & Start Up


What Are You Thinking About?  Let Us Help You Create It!


You shouldn't have to brainstorm alone.  Let BH & Associates help you think about what you are 'thinking about'.  We will help you figure out what you want to do and how it should be done.


Creating a company always starts with a desire to see change around you.  May it be a new product or service, we can help you determine what you are supposed to do and help you understand how to get it done.

BH & Associates will help you:

  • Brain storm your ideas to see which idea or ideas will be lucrative.

  • Determine which idea you should execute first.

  • Help you find and interview team members and/or potential partners.

  • Assess if your idea meets the requirements for grants, loans, government programs, or angel investors.

  • Help fill out forms for NDAs for various parties

  • Ensure that you file required forms for patents and trademarks

If you are looking to start one business or multiple,

we can help you.


Once a decision is made, BH & Associates will help you execute the following:

Money and Finance
●    Budget and Credit Services
●    Business Banking Selection
●    Business Credit Accounts​

​Business Development

●    Startup Solutions

●    New Product Development

●    Incorporating within 50 States

●    Business Plan Writing

Marketing & Design

●    Name and Slogan Creation

●    Website Development

●    Social Media Presence Strategy

Human Resources

●    Recruiting, Interviewing, & Hiring

●    Learning and Development 

●    Health and Safety Regulations

●   Employee Benefits Programs

Planning & Strategy
●    Global Outsourcing
●    Business Continuity Planning
●    Strategy Development

●    Process Reengineering
●    Project Management
●    Records Management
●    Vendor Management​​

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