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Transformational Speaker


Having instructed over 10,000+ students and business professionals, from undergraduates to PhDs, to entry level Financial Analyst to Managing Directors and CEOs, Dr. Hammett has taught, encouraged, and transformed the lives of business professionals and government officials around the world. From the USA to Kazakhstan, from South Korea to Uganda, Dr. Hammett has been part of major decisions that have impacted people from diverse backgrounds.


She is a dynamic speaker in person on a stage or online during a live meeting or webinar, Dr. Hammett keeps attendees engaged as she wittingly presents information. She also ensures that she give time for attendees to ask questions. This always allows for an engaging and interesting time.


Here is a list of subjects Dr. Hammett can discuss with you and your organization to help transform how they see themselves and the role they play in achieving the vision of the company.

Business and Development

  • Developing an Ethical Company Culture

  • Ethics is Universal

  • Morality in an Immoral World

  • Ethical Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Dealing with Unethical Behavior in Universities

  • Effective Communication

  • Cross-Cultural Communication

  • Empowering All Employees to Pick Up Trash and Buy the Coffee

  • Equipping Culturally Diverse & Successful Teams

  • Dealing with Jerk Teammates

  • Navigating Inept Managers

  • Ethical Decisions in a Woke Culture

Clapping Audience

Personal, Political, and Motivational

  • Thriving As A Young, Smart, Woman in a Male Dominated Industry

  • Women Lecturers in a Male Dominated South Korea

  • 40 Countries – Bibles – Machine Guns – Hair Pulling

  • Sexual Assault in Universities in South Korea

  • Saying No to Evil

  • From Eating Dirt to Caviar

  • Obedience: A Journey of Love

  • Living in a Democracy with Totalitarian Generation Xers

  • My Life, His Faith

  • Democrat-Kingdom-Republican:Only One Choice For Eternity

  • Policies Poverty and Wealth

  • United States of America is United

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