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Beverlin Hammett

Founder's Purpose

Dr. Beverlin Hammett has a proven track record of successfully developing and operationalizing corporate strategies and educational programs that engage diverse objectives in both corporate and university settings...locally and globally.

Beginning her corporate career as a Wall Streeter in New York City, then a Humanitarian and University Professor based in Asia for over 11 years, she is now a businesswoman and educator who continues to travel the world inspiring and empowering individuals from all walks of life to Soar Higher than they could ever imagine.

From students, businessmen, and women to government officials and those involved in various humanitarian activities, Dr. Hammett is known for truly listening to people to meet their needs. 


If you have an opportunity to meet her and discuss your hopes and dreams, you are sure to soar to new heights, personally and professionally.

All Associates have the same heart, drive, and passion for both people and the organizations they serve.

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