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New Employee Onboarding

We Will Digitize & Secure Your Onboarding Process.


Save Time with a Digital & Secure Onboarding Process

BH & Associates understand that a streamlined New Employee Onboarding Process helps new hires bond with the organization and its people early. It can help a new employee acclimate to the culture and it is also a great opportunity for knowledge transfer.

Traditionally, the onboarding process has involved face-to-face interactions that might take place between a manager and a newly hired employee, or group sessions bringing together several newly hired employees to go through a formal onboarding process. 


Digital onboarding leverages the availability of digital tools and technology to make the onboarding process as cost-effective and efficient as possible. 

We will establish an all digital and secure Onboarding Process for your entire company by utilizing the latest eSignature and Data Protection protocols.

Company Wide Collaboration

Collaborate with hiring managers and company stakeholders across the organization to ensure new hires emerge from your company's onboarding program with an understanding of your business operations and culture.

Domestic and Global Process
Design and formalize a company-wide standardized onboarding program that effectively communicates your company's mission and values to all new hires, both domestically and globally.


Legal Compliance

Develop procedures to ensure legal compliance for all local, national, and foreign regulations.

Digital Onboarding Platform

Determine which DOP is best suited for your company (both domestically and internationally).  This will ensure that all digital platforms are enabled in all your company's global locations.


Digital Signatures 

Determine which digital signature solution is best for your company.  Electronic document handling will minimize paperwork, provide an electronic repository for signed critical documents, and streamline approval processes


Establish a Video IDentification System

Determine which IDentification system that can be utilized for required video conferencing – live and asynchronous – making it possible to extend the useful time of a training sessions and ensure consistency.

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