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Security and Threat Assessments

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Security Threat and Risk Assessment


A security threat assessment is the first step in a risk and vulnerability analysis. This task involves assessing the various security risks associated with a particular location. 


BH & Associates will cover a broad range of threats, including natural threats (e.g., tornadoes, floods, earthquakes), criminal threats (theft from location, violence against staff), terrorist threats (active shooter, vehicle, person-borne improvised explosive devices), and potential accidents. 

Once we identify threats we can plan for how you will mitigate risk to protect your workers, facilities, supplies, and infrastructure with the understanding that the threat assessment process is dynamic.  New frisk factors, protective factors, or precipitating events are identified, threat assessments and their accompanying mitigation plans must be comprehensively updated.

Vulnerability Assessment

Following the security risk threat assessment we will perform a vulnerability assessment, which has two parts.

  • It involves a determination of the assets at risk (e.g., people, buildings, equipment). This includes an estimation of the financial loss that would be incurred if the given location was successfully attacked and stopped providing service.

  • It includes an assessment of the level of attractiveness of the target and the level of existing defenses against each threat.

Active Threat Assessment

An Active threat assessment requires a focused observation of behaviors and actions. As part of this analysis, BH & Associates will first systematically assess your environment and help you determine the pattern of consistent behavior. By systematically assessing your surroundings and environment, you can enhance your situational awareness, which is a critical precursor to decision-making for you and your team. 


Once a pattern of consistent behavior is established, it is possible to identify people whose behavior deviates from this pattern.

Threat Assessment for Instrumental Violence

Instrumental violence is when someone commits (or threatens to commit) a specific attack, such as a mass shooting. In your organization, it could involve an employee who has made threats against other staff members or has been involved in recent altercations at work. For executive and personal protection, it could involve individuals who have made threats against your protectee.


The Cyber-security Threat and Risk Assessment

The same threat risk assessment and analysis process can be applied to cybersecurity. A cybersecurity threat risk assessment can involve protecting information (e.g., the personal information of your officers), access to networks (e.g., the internet at your offices), software (e.g., voice communications, electronic data management systems), and hardware (e.g., the laptops and mobile phones of your employees).

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Self Defense and Weapons Training

Learning self-defense can help to build self-confidence.  Having self-defenses training as well as an introduction to various weapons that can be used to protect you, your staff, and stakeholders can help your organization be prepared to handle multiple situations should they arise.

Having a security guard is great.  However, having a trained staff who are trained in situational awareness, safety protocols, and a host of other skills can help ensure that if an altercation or even an accident arise, they are prepare to deal with the situation.

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