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Succession Planning

Prepare for Staff and Leadership Changes To Ensure Longterm Success

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Succession Planning Strengthens the

Overall Capability of the Organization

The benefit of succession planning is ensuring a company always has the right leaders in place should a change happen quickly. By failing to create an orderly plan for succession, your company may not get a second chance if it doesn't adapt immediately after a key player departs.

Employees are now hired and paid for their thinking rather than their labor. This means that what we know is more important than what we do. Knowledge management focuses on identifying, harvesting, archiving, and retrieving organizational knowledge.  Unless organizations retain institutional knowledge in a knowledge economy, they will and can cease to exist.

Succession planning is important for all roles in an organization.

Identifying and developing future leadership is crucial for

organizational growth and success.

Identifying Critical Roles

This step is designed to help us understand your organizational strategy. We will determine which positions are the most vulnerable and critical and then prioritize your succession planning efforts. Together, we will build an internal communication strategy for this project.


Building Success Profiles

We will work with your organizational leaders to determine what talent is needed in each critical role, both now and in the future. We develop ideal candidate profiles by considering the required skills, personality characteristics, and potential future requirements for the success of the role.

Succession Bench Assessment & Identifying Gaps

We assess ability, aspiration, and agility to identify critical talent capabilities and determine the strength of your succession bench. We provide robust and multifaceted insights on talent potential, not only current performance. The reports incorporate:

  • Skills gaps

  • Personality and leadership skills

  • Explored motivation and aspirations

  • Contribution and impact in the organization

  • Culture and role-relevant findings

  • Readiness and launch a committee consisting of members who are problem solvers and capable of assigning and ensuring that tasks are completed.  

Feed forward

We review your company’s assessment results, noting strengths and development opportunities. We conduct individual feed-forward sessions with participants to create their development plans. We serve as your advisor on how to reinvigorate the professional journey of the successor nominees and help them become more impactful leaders. Our approach will help your leadership pipeline evolve on a personal level and discover exciting new directions.

Crisis Preparedness 

Ensure that you have a solid communication plan for both stakeholders and the public.  Appropriate litigation support, reputation support, and re-establishment of strategic partnerships if needed.


Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual, Annually Assessments

Develop assessments and/or audit procedures that prepare all departments for various regulatory related audits.

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