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Beverlin Hammett / BH and Associates is a firm that is committed to helping individuals and organizations improve overall effectiveness.


We ensure that we provide all clients with:

Information: The data and analysis that is needed to competitively position clients in a market where they thrive.

Expertise: Decades of experience in various fields that provide clients with strategic perspectives on resolving problems.

Insight: The rigorous and analytical application of expertise to come up with insights that will help clients succeed.

Execution: The roadmap to successfully implement changes in different departments that contribute to achieving objectives.


BH & Associates  LLC
Founded on principles of ethics, integrity, and innovation.

We help you and your organization soar to greater heights.



Beverlin is a very organized and disciplined individual, who served as an effective project manager. Her success resulted from her ability to clarify goals and objectives and consistently meet project deadlines. 

—  Executive Vice President/ National Bank